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6. Have a fierce work ethic.

Most pros write every day. It might be something small or the beginning of a huge opus, but they get themselves to the page consistently.  Pros spend their time in the doing and they develop muscular strength and fortitude by continuing to create. And pros know that with this commitment comes a sense of confidence and momentum. It’s a cycle of productivity.

7. Fill the well.

Pro songwriters tend to be voracious readers. They also love visual arts, movies, plays, concerts, nature and sports. Listening to other songwriters’ songs is just one way they get inspired. All those other art forms and activities can inspire them as well. In fact, anything that touches their senses and comes into their brains and hearts can. So they let the world be of assistance.

Pro songwriters have an awareness. Sometimes lines come from conversations overheard at a coffee shop… or a line from a movie… so their antennae stay up. They also allow themselves to fill the well because they know they can’t write their best unless they fill it. Writing empties the well. And so it must be filled up again. Pros do this.

8. Always have a notepad at the ready.

Some pros prefer the old fashioned way via paper and pen, while others are all about digital. But whether it’s a traditional notepad or a phone app, it will always be at the ready; at the bedside, in the car, in the pocket of a shirt.  They’re ready to get it down.  They use any and all methods to help them create their art.

9. Practice the three P’s:  Positivity, Patience, Persistence

Pros know that it can be a long and bumpy road in the music business. So they take a breath and put in the hours and effort over a trajectory. They don’t get nervous and impatient or tied to the results. And if they do, then they know if feels like hell. They stay passionate about the process because they know this way it will go a lot smoother.  And they usually have some kind of practice of positivity, whether it’s reading great works, meditating, or going to services to keep them nurtured and strong.

10. See the big picture.

This is why pro songwriters practice # 9; because they know and understand that creating art requires commitment.  The pros I’ve met are passionate about their art and yet practical in their approach to it everyday. They see the end goal and don’t get caught up in the minutia.

So, that’s 10 things pro songwriters do (and you should too).

I hope this post inspires those aspiring to be pro writers and performers.

If you can think of any other attributes that pro writers have, jot them down and share them on this forum in the Comments section below. Let’s all try and help each other and get better in the process!


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