I’m happy to announce the upcoming Jan 15th release of a retro soul project I’ve been involved in for the last couple of years called Brit Frisco.

By way of a back story, I was at a music conference in L.A. a few years ago and met an artist from the U.K who was based in Southern Spain. (Paul Cufflin).

I ran into him again a year or so later at the same conference and we got to chatting about music and realized we both had a mutual love of all things retro soul. We talked on about Stax, Motown and Muscle Shoals and how that style of music had influenced our writing and artistry. We thought it would be fun to collaborate on a few tunes.

So, a few months later we started sending ideas, lyrics and stems to each other via Dropbox, e-mails, texts and the occasional Skype session.

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About a year later we had an album plus worth of material and decided to form a band. “Brit” – being him (from the U.K.) and “Frisco” – being me (having been born and raised in San Francisco).

Brit Frisco has been one of the easiest projects I’ve worked on from a writing standpoint. Everything in the collaboration seems to work; the flow of ideas, the co-writing, the re-writing, the mixes and masters. EASY. PEAZY.

And Brit Frisco’s luck has been pretty good so far.

We pitched the project to an influential music licensing publisher. They loved the material and immediately signed us.

And we’ve been working on new songs ever since.

If you’re into retro soul and some of those influences mentioned above, you can preview the album at britfrisco.com. I’ve also included the first single below for streaming. And if you head over to the website and give us your e-mail address, we’ll send you a free download of it as well.

Cheers –

Brit Frisco – “Roll Around”


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