During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I went about reviewing my year to see how I did, and setting up new and/or adjusted goals for the one to come.

I grabbed my cup of joe and started. I crank-started with the rote S.M.A.R.T. guidelines.

Blah, blah, blah.  Things that I should DO. Start this. Finish that. Numbers and figures.  Ughhh. Yawn. 3 cups of coffee down.

I felt like I was somehow missing the mark. So, I began to ask myself – what is the damn mark? And how should I be looking at going into the New Year?

I needed a little kick-start in the inspiration department, so I began to read other people’s thoughts on how they were going to set goals for the New Year. I tuned in to the words of people who I respect the most;  leaders of industry to leaders of thought. Most of them weren’t talking about their “to do” lists.  Most of them were looking at it from the question “HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL?” or “HOW DO I WANT TO BE?”

Light bulb on. I’m a human BE-ing not a human DO-ing.

Okay. Re-adjustment needed on approach.  So, I snagged one from a respected thought leader.  I decided to choose a word to ruminate on for the next six months. A word that, for whatever reason, really resonates with me… a touchstone within.

Wow. There were so many words I could choose from. Mighty words like creativity, freedom, mastery, adventure…  All good… but the word I chose for me gurgled up like North Dakota oil.  ALLOW.

Everything I want to feel to take over. For me it’s a pervasion of peace, serenity , connection, love, creativity.

The undesirable stuff I hold onto to be released.

Room for new ideas, inspiration, ways of doing.

Time to breathe.


Prayer, meditation and gratitude.

I’m liking this ruminating on a word thing. Feels better already. Thanks, thought leaders.
Because we’re human BE-ings not human DO-ings.

So my lovely readers, what’s YOUR word for the next year?

Please share in “DISQUS” section below.


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  • Kathy Hampton

    Going to Keep on Keeping on at this point. Motivation level
    is good, but i want to make more music FOR SURE!

  • Joy Murphey

    My word is RELEASE. How funny your word is ALLOW and you have under it the undesirable stuff I hold onto be released!
    Like minds think alike! happy New Year!

  • Sara Light

    Love your perspective Diona! I’m meditating on PEACE THROUGH RELEASE. Releasing the negative stuff and breathing in the positive.