As a songwriter, I have many go-to apps for iPhone 6 or 6+. There are 10 specifically that I use them all the time because they’re either free, simple and easy to use, or both. Also, they don’t get in the way of getting the idea down quickly, which helps me stay in the creative mood.

In my last post, I told you about the first five. Here are the second five.

6. B-Rhymes

b-rhymesLooking for a soft rhyme? I use B-rhymes when I need to expand my rhyme palette but I don’t want them to be perfect rhymes.  In other words, if I have a word like “die” in my song, a perfect rhyme might be “lie” – which can be predictable and boring. But how about the word “size” or “price”? So B-rhymes are rhymes which have the same consonants or sound similar.

7. Spotify

spotifyI use Spotify when I want to listen to tunes from my phone, like when I’m on the go or in the gym. Even though there have been a million articles on how Spotify is not paying songwriters their due, it still can’t be disputed that the streaming has a pretty great and sleek interface. Apple Music doesn’t compare (IMO). I upgraded to the subscription version because you can access the lyrics and have the ability to listen offline.

8. Tempo

tempoTempo gives me a quick way to map out a tempo easily in order to lay down chords or start a groove. Again, nothing super fancy, but it gets the job done.

Tempo on the Apple Store

9. Maps (free Apple app)

apple-mapsWhen I have to be somewhere, like to an industry function or a co-writer’s house or studio, then Maps comes out. Just a free app, but handy when you’re not good with directions like me.

10. GarageBand

garagebandThis is the miniature version of what you use on your iPad. When you want to program and lay down tracks separately and build your track out from an idea, this is a great way to do it. The nice thing is that you can take the tracks and projects from GarageBand and have it open up in LogicPro (the pro version of GarageBand).

GarageBand at


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