Last week I started telling you about the 10 simplest ways to make the best of music licensing in 2016. If you missed it, check out #1-5 here.

Even when you don’t feel particularly creative. Just start something. Go back and look through lyrics to see if anything sparks. Pull up an instrument and start noodling. Throw up a loop or beat and let your creativity take you where it wants to go. We’re never totally out of ideas I believe. It’s just what we choose to think about ourselves.

7. COLLABORATE with writers/producers/programmers who can help you achieve your goals. And if collaboration isn’t your thing, then own that too. Just keep working on getting the work done. And if you’re working on your own then seek feedback from people you know and trust in the business.

8. OUTSOURCE. In any business there are things we love to do and things we just hate to do and will tend to put on the long finger. For me it’s my web graphics stuff, because I’m not good at it and I’d rather be writing a song than experimenting with fonts. But website and social sites are necessary in promoting business in the modern day, so I hire someone to do that stuff for me so I can concentrate on stuff that is my core competency. For some it might be engineering, producing, or mixing the music. I have some rules of thumb about why and what I’ll outsource.

9. TAKE CRITICISM WELL. Know your strengths and have a voracious appetite for learning what you don’t know. Every great musician I have ever studied possesses this trait.

10. BE OPEN to trying writing in new genres, techniques, methods, practices to keep you fresh and motivated. Don’t be afraid to invest in your education.


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