This is part 5 of a 7-part series of posts dealing with music licensing.
My last several posts have covered:

1. Basic Terms and Definitions
2. Publishing: Types of Deals, Part A
3. Publishing: Types of Deals, Part B
4. Clearances
5. Administration, Part A
6. Administration, Part B

This week’s topic deals with performance royalties. Since we’re only dealing with music licensing for t.v., film and advertising in this series, I’m going to focus on those kinds of royalties. There are other royalties such as mechanical royalties, print royalties, etc… but that’s for another time.

It’s a little dismaying that this topic, unlike the rest, is the LEAST understood by songwriters, as this is the part that can pay the rent.

I’ve created a simple visual aid to describe how and to whom the money flows.

Here it is:

So, remember there are two copyrights for each sound recording.

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More in the next post.

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