So, this post is a wrap-up of everything I’ve covered so far in the music licensing space.

If you’re reading this post for the first time , here are some links to start you off at the beginning. I cover the “soups to nuts” in the following:

1. Basic Terms and Definitions
2. Publishing: Types of Deals, Part A
3. Publishing: Types of Deals, Part B
4. Clearances
5. Administration, Part A
6. Administration, Part B
7. Royalties, Part A
8. Royalties, Part B
9. Royalties, Part C
10. Creative, Part A
11. Research & Pitching, Part A
12. Research & Pitching, Part B

I hope you’ve found these posts helpful and inspiring.

Music licensing can be a very exciting and a potentially lucrative part of your music business career if you can:

1. produce a lot of music
2. have the “long game ” in mind
3. are organized
4. have a methodical approach to building your body of work
5. have patience and determination.

So I wish you the best of luck!

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