In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, I talked about the background and the process behind writing a Christmas song with my co-writer Gigi Swanson, and creating a lyric video for the song.

In this blog, I’ll talk about how we marketed our song; a process which actually took far more time and effort than the writing.

First, Gigi and I spent a great deal of time discussing and defining our goals. What did we actually want to accomplish? The following summary was taken from the actual document we drew up.


get song published
get song recorded by an artist
generate exposure (for us as songwriters and to the song itself)

Once we had our goals outlined, we mapped out a marketing plan and put together a timeline of items we needed to accomplish in order to achieve our goals.  The window to market a Christmas song is the period from when Thanksgiving ends until the time the ball drops on New Year’s Eve – only 4-5 weeks! So we knew we needed to act quickly and grind it out.

This is a snap-shot of the marketing plan which we drew up based on our goals.

Get song published

  • Pitch song to publishers directly or through spheres of influence such as our PROs and NSAI.
  • Pitch online through various direct-to-publisher channels like Taxi, Broadjam, etc.
Get song recorded by artist

  • Pitch song via publisher or from our own pitch sheets and contacts.
Generate exposure

  • Create a fun YouTube video from cartoon still images and upload to YouTube with link to artist websites and download portals.
  • Create a campaign theme: How A Christmas Song Becomes A Standard in the Digital Age
  • Create a story/article for our song to drive traffic to social networks, download portals and YouTube utilizing traditional and online PR. Target industry news outlets in need of holiday content.

Discrevolt Digital Download Card

  • Write a press release which could be used in industry e-zines, blogs and web portals.
  • Put single up on CD Baby and create a link to listen/buy. CDBaby also distributes to various online music sites such as Rhapsody, Apple iTunes, etc, so we had the additional bonus of those channels as well.
  • Increase exposure by manufacturing digital download cards through Discrevolt and giving them away as holiday stocking stuffers.
  • Upload song to additional online music services such as Broadjam and Airplay Direct.
  • Generate a newsletter and send to our fans and potential buyers directly.

In the end, we met all of our goals, to some extent or another. Here are some facts and stats:

  1. We got our song published by a company that only publishes holiday music. We signed in September of that year.
  2. We didn’t get our song recorded by a major recording artist as we had hoped, but we did manage to secure a cut with an up-and-coming artist doing a CD benefiting a non-profit organization which raises money for abused women.
  3. We generated a pretty hefty amount of exposure on YouTube considering the time frame.  Although our video didn’t exactly go “viral”, we managed to get about 2000 views in just a couple of weeks.

For me it was huge education in both traditional and digital marketing, how it all reacts together, and how linking everything really does generate results.

Here is the final video:

If you like the video, please share it with others on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also, please share how you created and marketed your holiday song. Let’s discuss in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!


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  • Gloriafelice

    Just love that song, my precious Dionia….Love you so much, Goags

  • Gloriafelice

    Just love that song, my precious Dionia….Love you so much, Goags